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Dr. Hassan Mahmud Hamza

Internal medicine specialist
Internist specialized in Adult Diabetes and Endocrinology, Adult Internal Medicine and Adult Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

Holds a master’s degree in internal medicine Follow-up patients heart, pressure and sugar Stress test for chest pain and arterial function Follow health and general weight loss tips Follow-up of immunological diseases and wheat allergies Experience 30 years.

Prevention Diagnostic Medical Center (Riyadh-KSA)
From 1\11\2013 till January 2016
AL Bayt medical center (Makkah-KSA)
From 1\10\2012 till 1\10\2013
King Faisal hospital (Taif-KSA)
From 15\9\1431 till 15\9\1433
Specialized AL-Nour hospital (Damascus -Syria)
Since 1\5\2010 till 20\8\2010
Directorate of medical services-military forces of Damascus
From 21\1\2006 till 21\1\2010

Dr. Fathi AlKurdi

Dermatologist specialized in Adult Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser

Dr. Jamil AlShammari

Specialized Physiotherapist in Hemiplegic patient, P Cases, Post Traumatic Cases, Obesity Cases, Erb’ s Cases, Down syndrome Cases.